Green Plumbing

Water Conservation

Not only does green plumbing conserve of one of our most precious resources - water, it also conserves energy.  In California, 19 percent of our total electrical usage is for the transportation of water.  Consequently, conserving water conserves energy and ultimately reduces climate change.  We recognize that we as  members of the plumbing industry are in a unique position to have a substantial impact.


Cruz Plumbing offers a wide array of fixtures and appliances that reduce water usage by as much as 40 percent.  From low-flow toilets and showerheads to faucet aerators, we can provide the best-possible solutions.

Energy Conservation and Reduction of Greenhouse Gasses

We're all aware that burning of fossil fuels results in the formation of greenhouse gasses.  One way to do your part is to replace your old, low-efficiency furnace and water heater with high-efficiency components.  For instance, a Rinnai tankless hot water heater is up to 60 percent more efficient than a traditional storage tank heater and offers additional benefits such as continuous hot water and a much smaller space requirement.


We're also very excited to offer a wide array of cutting-edge solar heating products from Caleffi.   This  product line  ranges from simple water heating systems to radiant floor heating combisystems for ultimate comfort and minimal energy usage and heating costs.


Remarkably, while minimizing your heating bills and your carbon footprint, these new technologies won't force you to sacrifice comfort or convenience.  With very few exceptions, they'll noticeably outperform the components they're replacing.